What I Work With

I will work with what you bring to your therapy sessions.  You may want help with something specific like the options below:

Are you having difficulty around anger management and conflict? Do you need to contain your anger or are you having difficulty expressing your anger?  Learning how to managed your anger and frustration  can support you.


Experiencing anxiety and feeling a lack of control can be frightening.
Talking about your anxiety, how it impacts you and how you would like to respond differently can help you find a way through your anxiety.

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Depression has been described as the black dog or the cloud that can hang over us.

Talking to a therapist about what it is like to be depressed, being heard without judgement and listened to with curiosity can help you re-gain your self-worth, strength and autonomy.

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We engage in many different relationship, be they with an intimate partner, colleagues, friends and family.  When these relationships are not as satisfying as we would like them to be there may be a pattern of how we engage in relationships that is worth understanding.

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Personal development is about becoming more self-aware, identifying goals and your potential and finding ways to reach them

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Sometimes you may want to talk something through with an independent person.  You may have an idea for personal change you want to explore.  You may know that something isn’t quite right for you and be curious about making a change.

Therapy is about talking, exploring and gaining awareness to make the changes we seek.

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