Anxiety and Stress

Experiencing anxiety and feeling that you are not in control can be frightening.  Anxiety can at times be debilitating and lead us to avoid situations, withdraw and possibly hide away.

Through exploring your anxiety and becoming more aware of your experience can help you to become more in charge of yourself and your responses.

We will look at when you feel anxious and importantly how you respond to your anxiety.  Do you freeze or run? Does anyone know and do you know what could help you during this time?

When anxious you may feel you have no choice but to freeze or run.  However, being more aware of how you respond to a situation or an experience can give you a greater chance of  finding  different ways of responding.  Then you have more choices available and  can find ways of  being in charge of your anxiety rather than feel your anxiety is in charge of you.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, It takes away today’s peace.Jenner Roth