Psychotherapy for Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression and more. I am available for Face to Face and remote therapy via Zoom.

Whilst we learn to live with Covid-19 I am offering therapy face to face or remotely.   The therapy room is kept as clean as practicable between clients to make it as Covid-19 secure as possible.  If you want to wear a face covering and wish me to do so too that is ok.

I can work with you to help you understand how you experience your anxiety, anger, fear, low self-worth and help you manage it differently.  I can help you get clarity on how you are in relationships or what might keep you out of a relationship.   I believe that when we know how we engage or dis-engage then we can learn a different way and then we can be open to alternatives giving us the potential for more self fulfillment. i.e. we can be in charge of our difficulties rather then they be in charge of us.

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Learn through therapy how to use your feeling of anger in an assertive, non-persecutory way.

Experiencing anxiety and feeling a lack of control can be frightening. Therapy can help you take control of your anxiety.

Help with managing depression and regaining a sense of optimism.

Taking responsibility for ourselves in a relationship can give us greater satisfaction.

Sometimes we just know we want to talk to unravel something.

Whatever your reason, please contact me for an initial appointment.

Where to Find Me

Top Floor, 585A Fulham Road
SW6 5UA  t: 07866 619529

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telephone: 07866 619529